Tips for a New Vegetable Gardener

Will the Victory Gardens of World War I & II appear again? It was estimated that more than 5 million new gardners emerged during World War I & II. We are sure there will be many new gardeners due to the current pandemic.
For the new gardeners, there is a German saying, “The dumbest farmers grow the biggest potatoes.” It may not sound true, but there are many interpretations to this saying.
Our understanding of it is that gardening is simple but one must have some knowledge and perseverance. All one can do is try to provide the right conditions and it’s up to God to flourish it.

Here are some tips that will help you to succeed

  • Plan what you want to plant and where to plant it. Vegetables prefer a sunny location
  • Prepare the soil; til or spade the soil well
  • Fertilize your plot with organic or inorganic feed.and follow the recommendations specified on the packaging
  • Plant by the calendar and not by the weather. You may have a stretch of warm weather, but it might not necessarily last. Here in Northeast Pa. May 15th to May 30th is around the last day of frost. This is when tender plants such as tomatoes and peppers can be planted.
  • Space plants correctly. Planting too many plants into a small space will decrease your yield rather than increase it. Useful information is on the plant label with our plants.
  • Weeds are one of your enemies, be prepared to remove them.
    Rotating your garden to another plot each season is recommended for disease and insect control.
  • Water your garden, until it is well established. It may not need much more water in a typical year after it is established.
  • Buy the best seeds and plants with the highest genetics. Some varieties offer disease resistance, and others might have a superior flavor.
  • Enjoy your labor. Healthy and safe vegetables can’t compare to the chain stores.