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Take Better Care of Your Garden With the Help of These Tips

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Tips on Hanging Baskets

By KettellsGreenhouse | March 11, 2021

Choose a Basket that is suitable for the right sunlight. The following basket are available at our greenhouses for shade, Illumination Trailing Begonia, Fuchsia, New Guinea Impatiens, Boston Fern, and Wandering Jew. Hanging Baskets that will withstand strong direct sunlight include Scaevola , Portulaca , and flowering Vinca. Baskets that do well in full sun…

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Tips on bedding plants

By KettellsGreenhouse | March 11, 2021

In todays plant market, there are hundreds of new varieties that are introduced each year. The seed side of the industry comes up with improvements at a slower rate.To us a great improvement for the seed business was the Wave Petunia. We have a petunia that will spread 3 feet in the landscape and a…

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Tips for a New Vegetable Gardener

By KettellsGreenhouse | March 11, 2021

Will the Victory Gardens of World War I & II appear again? It was estimated that more than 5 million new gardners emerged during World War I & II. We are sure there will be many new gardeners due to the current pandemic.For the new gardeners, there is a German saying, “The dumbest farmers grow…