Tips on Hanging Baskets

  • Choose a Basket that is suitable for the right sunlight. The following basket are available at our greenhouses for shade, Illumination Trailing Begonia, Fuchsia, New Guinea Impatiens, Boston Fern, and Wandering Jew. Hanging Baskets that will withstand strong direct sunlight include Scaevola , Portulaca , and flowering Vinca. Baskets that do well in full sun and some part shade include Calibrachoa (Million Bells), Ivy Geranium, Wave Petunia, Thunbergia (black eyed Susan vine), and our 12” and 14” combination baskets.
  • Size of basket does matter. The larger the baskets are the easier they are to care for, because they have more soil volume, thus holding more moisture. Our 10” baskets have more soil volume then typically used 8” baskets. If economics is a consideration you can repot into your larger basket.
  • Do not be afraid to over water. Our own soil mix is loose for drainage. Unless we are in a monsoon, water your pot every day until it drips out of the bottom of the pot for several minutes.
  • Even though, we mix slow release fertilizer in our soil mix for every basket. Use a balanced liquid feed on your plants once or twice a week. Follow the recommendations concerning rates on the fertilizer container.